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Ever since Christ’s disciples asked him to “teach us to pray,” the Church has been in the enterprise of bringing Christians to maturity and teaching them how to draw closer to God. The rhythms of morning and evening prayer follow the natural, heartbeat of our daily existence, and have been at the forefront of spiritual formation since the Church’s inception. St. Augustine said that “our hearts were made for thee, O Lord, and they are restless until they rest in thee.” Daily prayer beckons to the heart of God’s people, to come before Him and meet Him between the wings of the cherubim.

Introduction to the Liturgy of Daily Prayer 

The links below are prayer bulletins and audio files — created for use in the services of the Daily Offices, but each may be easily used alone for solitary and contemplative devotion.

Morning Prayer

Morning Prayer Bulletin

Audio file

Evening Prayer

Evening Prayer Bulletin

Audio file

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